Viswasree (Nutmeg)
Year of Release 2001
Pedigree Clonal selection from elite trees
Areas of Adoption All nutmeg growing areas of Kerala
Crop Duration 6 years for first harvest
Yield 480 kg mace/ha at 8" year 3122 kg nuts/ha
Potential Yield 4800 kg mace/ha at 25" year 31220 kg nuts/ha
Quality Attribute
Nut oil 7.14%
Mace oil 7.13%
Nut recovery 70%
Mace recovery 35%
Oleoresin in mace 13.8%
Butter in nut 30.9%
Myristicin in nut oil 12.48%
Myristicin in mace oil 20.03%
Elemicin in nut oil 13.65%
Elemicin in mace oil 13.65%
Morphological Characters
Height of tree at 9 years(m) 3-5
Width of the canopy(m) 3-3.5
Trunk girth at 9 years(cm) 45
Leaf length/bredth(cm) 18/5
Nature of flowering 2-3 flowers in every axil
Time taken for flowering 4 years
Shoot regeneration capacity 18.90/4 plants
Yield per tree, 8th year 100 fruits, 1.33 Kg mace, 9 kg dry nut
Colour of mace Dark red
Colour of seed Shining black
Size of seed Bold
Reaction to major pests and diseases
Low incidence of fruit rot caused by Diplodia spp.  
Special characteristics  

A selection with high shoot regeneration capacity. Gives quality quills. Bark oil, leaf oil and oleoresin contents are high giving good aroma and taste.


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