Dr.S J Anke Gowda
Head, CRC
ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research
SpecialisationCrop Physiology
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Areas of InterestProduction physiology, Stress physiology, Agronomy of spices crops, Extension
Research Experience18 years
Total publications30

Current Research Projects (Institute)

  1. Evaluation of black pepper and cardamom elite lines for yield and quality under moisture stress.
  2. Pepper rehabilitation package-technology mission on black pepper for Wayanad-SUGANDHI.
  3. Nutrient balance and soil C sequestering potential of spice crops under different management systems.
  4. Training of research and extension personnel.

Current Research Projects (External)

  1. Production of planting materials of improved varieties of spice crops


  1. Fellow of Indian Society for Spices, IISR, Kozhikode

Research Publications

  1. S.J.Ankegowda, 2011, Impact of irrigation on cardamom production, Indian Journal of Horticulture, 68: 581-582.
  2. S. J. Ankegowda, M N Venugopal, K S Krishna Murthy and Anandaraj M, 2011, Impact of basin irrigation on black pepper production in coffee based cropping system in high altitude regions of Kodagu , Karnataka, Indian Journal of Horticulture, 68 (1) 71-74
  3. S.J. Ankegowda, K. Kandiannan and M N Venugopal, 2010, Rainfall and temperature trends- A tool for crop planning, Journal of Plantation Crops, 38(1):57-61. (J296- 4.6)
  4. R Senthil Kumar, B. Krishnamurthy, D. Prasath, M. N. Venugopal, S.J. Ankegowda and C.N. Biju, 2010, Variability in nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) under high rainfall and high altitude Kodagu Region of Karnataka, Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources, 23(2): 191-194 (IO56- 3.0)
  5. S.J. Ankegowda, 2008, Optimum leaf stage for transplanting small cardamom seedlings from primary nursery to polybag nursery. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 65(2):252-254
  6. Ankegowda S. J and Krishnamurthy, K. S, 2008, Evaluation of small cardamom accessions for moisture stress, Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops,17(2),172-176.
  7. M.S. Madan and S.J.Ankegowda 2007, Economic viability of soil and water conservation technology in cardamom based cropping system, Indian J. Soil Conservation, 35:64-67
  8. V.S. Korikanthimath, A.V. Gaddi and S.J.Anke gowda 2003, Selection of index leaf in cardamom(Elettaria cardamomum Maton) for nutrient diagnosis, Indian J. Horti., 60(1): 108-112 .
  9. V.S. Korikanthimath, A.V. Gaddi, S.J.Ankegowda and Govardhan Rao, 2002, Soil fertility evaluation in plantation belt of Kodagu district, Karnataka, J. Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Sciences, 24: 407-409.
  10. V.S.Korikanthimath, A.V.Gadi and and S.J.Anke Gowda, 2000 Studies on nutrient uptake pattern in cardamom, Indian Journal of Horticulture, 57(2):164-167
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