Dr.B Sasikumar
Head, Div. Crop Improvement &
ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research
SpecialisationPlantbreeding& Biotechnology
DivisionCrop Improvement and Biotechnology
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Areas of InterestSpices genetic resources,spices breeding, Spices biotechnology,production and Science Popularisation
Research Experience
Period Institute
1985-1989 ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region,Shillong/Tripura
1989-2008 Indian Institute of Spices Research,Kozhikode
2008-2010 National Agricultural Research Institute,Guyana,S.America/Indian High Commission, Guyana
2010-till date Indian Institute of Spices Research,Kozhikode
Total publications380

Current Research Projects (Institute)

  1. Breeding black pepper for high yield, quality and resistance to stresses
  2. Conservation, characterisation, evaluation and improvement of Zingiber and Curcuma Spp.
  3. Mining of DNA markers and Genes from Expressed Sequence Tags of Curcuma longa (2012-2015).

Current Research Projects (External)

  1. DNA Barcoding to discriminate traded spices from their adulterants.
  2. Development of comprehensive SSR and SNP markers for the study of genetic diversity and association analysis in Curcuma spp.


Research Publications

  1. Jaleel kizhakkayil and B.Sasikumar(2012).Characterisation of ginger (Z.officinale R.)germplasm based on volatile and non volatile components.Afr.J.Biotech,11:777-786.
  2. Kizhakkayil,J and Sasikumar.B(2011).Diversity,characterization and utilization of ginger:Areview.Plant Genetic Resources:C&U,9:464-477.
  3. Dhanya, K.,Syamkumar,S.Sijusenan and Sasikumar,B.(2011). Sequence Characterized Amplified Region Markers: A Reliable Tool for Adulterant Detection in Turmeric Powder.Food Research International,44:2889-2895.
  4. Dhanya, K.,Syamkumar,S.Sijusenan and Sasikumar.B(2011).SCAR markers for adulteration detection in ground chilli. British Food J. 113 (5):656-668.
  5. Jaleel Kizhakkayil and Sasikumar.B (2010). Genetic diversity analysis of ginger (Z.officinale R) germplasm based on RAPD and ISSR markers.Sci.Hort.125:73-76.
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  7. Siju ,S.,Dhanya,K.,SyamKumar,S.,Sheeja,T E.,Sasikumar.B., Bhat,AI and Parthasarathy,V.A(2010).Development,characterization ad utilization of genomic microsatellite markers in turmeric(Curcuma longa L).Biochem .Syst and Ecol.38:641-646.
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  12. Lincy, A.K., Jayarajan,K., Sasikumar,B (2008) Relationship between vegetative and rhizome characters and final rhizome yield in micropropagated ginger plants (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) over two generations, Sci. Hort.118: 70-73
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