Dr.A Ishwara Bhat
Principal Scientist
ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research
SpecialisationPlant Virology
DivisionPlant Pathology
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Areas of Interest
  • Characterization and management of viruses infecting crop plants.
  • Development of diagnostic methodologies using serological, nucleic acid and PCR- based techniques and their use in virus detection and differentiation, indexing mother plant and nursery plants
  • Application of molecular techniques in understanding virus-host interactions, and use of plant biotechnological approaches for virus disease management.
Research Experience
Period Institute
1994 to 2002 Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
2002 onwards Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut
Total publications191

Current Research Projects (Institute)

  1. Spatiotemporal dynamics in relation to ecology and epidemiology of fungal foliar diseases in ginger and turmeric and management

Current Research Projects (External)

  1. Identification, characterization and development of diagnostics for unknown viruses associated with cardamom and ginger.


  1. 2009: J.S. Pruthi award ffor the best research paper published in Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops in 2008
  2. 2007: Alapati Prasada Rao Award for the Best poster presented at the National symposium 'Threats and solutions to spices and aromatic crops industry', held OUAT, Bhubaneshwar, 25-26 November 2007.
  3. 2005, 2003: Recognized as research guide by Mangalore University, University of Calicut and Nagarjuna University to guide Ph.D students.
  4. 2001: Awarded NAAS-TATA Young Scientists' Research Fellowship by NAAS, New Delhi.
  5. 2000, 1999: : Identified as excellent teacher in the Discipline of Plant Pathology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

  6. 1998: Prof. M.J.Narasihman Medal Award 1998 for the best paper published in Indian Phytopathology.
  7. 1997: Awarded BOYSCAST (Better Opportunities for Young Scientists in Chosen Areas of Science and Technology) Fellowship for one year by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India to work in the area of Molecular Plant Virology at the Univ. of Georgia, USA.
  8. 1994:IARI Merit Award for outstanding performance in Ph.D programme.

Research Publications

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  20. Bhadramurthy, V, Bhat, A.I., and Biju, C.N. 2011. Occurrence and coat protein sequence based characterization of Bean yellow mosaic virus (BYMV) associated with vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews) in India. Archives Phytopathology and Plant Protection 44: 1796-1801
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