Mr.K Jayarajan
Asst. Chief Technical Officer
Indian Institute of Spices Research

QualificationMA, PGDCA, BEd
DepartmentSocial Science
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Database Development
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Statistical Analysis
Total Publications 41
Selected Publications
  1. Utpala PArthasarathy and K Jayarajan (2014). GIS to boost horticultural production, Indian Horticulture 59(6) pp 70-72.
  2. P Gobinath, T J Zachariah, K N Shiva, N K Leela, K Jayarajan and Kiptoo Geoffry (2014). Cluster analysis based on biochemical constituents in paprika like chillies (Capsicum annuum L.) Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops. Vol. 23 (2) : 164 -169
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  • Best poster award for the national conference on Horticultural Biodiversity for livlihood, economic develpoment and health care.May 28-31, Bangalore.
  • Dr.H.S.Metha Memorial Award for Best Research Paper- Oral presentation in the National seminar SYMSAC V 2008 ,of Indian Society for Spices,Calicut.India