Incubation Facilities

  • Infrastructure support like office space, laboratory, green houses, processing facility etc.

    Shared office space, communication facilities, library and lab facilities

  • Technology/ product - development, transfer, commercialization.

    Commercialization of technologies and shared pilot plants facility to develop products and test market

  • Technical and scientific support.

    Links with expert opinion and consultancy in the specific domain

  • Marketing support.

    End to end market solutions are provided to the clients through market research and analysis

  • Business plan development.

    Standard business plan for start- up companies, Operational plan, strategic road maps, growth/ expansion/ new product plan, and feasibility plans are prepared by industry experts.

  • Networking.

    Business networks, mentors networks and funding networks through various promotional platforms, conferences, training programs.

  • Mentoring.

    Various training programs, personal mentoring with experts .

  • Facilitate access to funding sources .

    Linkages with funding agencies for grant, loan, equity, venture capital fund.

  • Legal & IP advisory.

    Intellectual Property Right Services in the field of IPR registration, advisory and protection .